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Kansas Children's Discovery Center

With music by Dan Lindquist - Twilight Productions - Berkeley Square created these spots to demonstrate what a unique and fun place the KCDC is.

1/2 Cent Sales Tax

This series of spots for TV and Internet about the benefits of CONTINUING the Shawnee County ½ cent sales tax and voting YES on Nov. 4th.

Lawrence Business Hall of Fame 2014

Berkeley Square is always honored to create the tribute videos for the Lawrence Business Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Gary Clarke - Topeka's First Zoo Director

Topeka's First Zoo Director Gary Clarke explines why passing the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax is needed to save the Topeka Zoo.

2014 Topeka Civic Theater & Academy Bravo Video

This is the 2014 Bravo Video for Topeka Civic Theater & Academy.

Bill's Diner Audition Tape

This is an audtion video created for Bill's Diner, submitted to the Food Network for a new diner/remodeling show that Bray Entertainment is producing.

Night of the Living Dead

Berkkey Square created a shot for shot remake of the opening scene of the 1968 George Romero classic "Night of the Living Dead" for Helen Hocker Theater's production of the stage play. Other elements re-created were two tv news broadcasts.

Along for the Ride

Berkeley Square Media is SO excited to show off our latest film, created in 48 hours for the Wild West Film Festival. Thank you so much to Daniel Lassley, Dan Decker, Dané Shobe, Corey Shoup and Jim Ramos... you guys were amazing!

Extra special thanks and love to Laurie Uhler.

On Friday, June 20th, teams of filmmakers were given the following 6 criteria: A Foreign Accent, A Scooby Doo Reference, A Riddle, Matches, A Deceased Spouse and the line "What's in the ______?" - and needed to use 3 of them to create a less-than-5-minute film by Sunday, June 22nd. The film also had to be some sort of MYSTERY - "...pose a question and then go about solving the answer, although you may choose to not have it answered."

Wish us luck! The top 25 films will be shown. First, Second, Third places, and a People’s Choice Award will be presented: 7pm, June 29th at the The Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence. This is all part of the Free State Film Festival, a five day celebration of film, music, art and ideas!

Transformers - Age of Extinction - Duncan once again gets the stars of a film to take their own personality quiz... this time with "Transformers - Age of Extinction". Berkeley Square Media was once again honored to edit the piece.

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